Augmented Reality Action Figures

MetaSapiens is a collection of 10,101 augmented reality NFT action figures, crafted of MetaStone and bestowed upon humanity by the MetaSupreme.

100 Characters × 100 Tokens Each
10 UltraRares + 1 MetaSupreme

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Unbox Me In AR

It’s time to unbox a brand new NFT experience

You have been invited to become a MetaSapiens PatronSaint. Proof-of-Sainthood is stored on the Ethereum network as an ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and incurs the following blessings upon the patron:

Augmented-reality compatible USDZ sapien file
Rotating packaging movie in MP4 and animated GIF format
Action pose transparent PNG file

Useful as profile pic or for other artistic mashups
Ownership attribution in iOS App when your MetaSapien is recorded with in-app camera coming soon
All assets stored on both IPFS and a central server for easy download and long-term NFT safety

Get the App to Mint

The MetaSapiens iOS app shows your collection and lets you follow the drops and mint new characters.

Full Project Details In-App

Becoming a PatronSaint will be a life changing event for many.